Lenten Chapel Series

Poems, Music, Art, and Scripture

Luther College

February 26-April 6, 2004

Luther's Lenten chapel series this year (Tuesdays and Thursdays during Lent as part of the Luther Poetry Project) was based on poetic texts as well as biblical readings. Each speaker talked about a different poem which directly or indirectly re-framed lives that are part of the Passion story (Mary Magdalene, Judas, Mary the Mother) or explored Lent's dark themes-repentance, sacrifice, death, and pain--as well as its triumphs of resurrection, redemption, light, and love. Each poem was with a biblical text, selected by Campus Pastor Deanna Langle.

This year's series was illuminated not only by poetic art but also by two other art forms. College Organist William Kuhlman planned and coordinated Lenten music, performed by faculty and student artists. With the help of Special Collections Librarian Jane Kemp and the CFL Technicians, we framed each day with slides of artwork from the College's Fine Arts Collection; from AMICO, an on-line database to which the College subscribes; and from the work of Sense of Vocation Visiting Artist Makoto Fujimura, a painter (coordinated by English Professor Robert Schultz).

During the Lenten Series' first week, we were fortunate that the Sense of Vocation Visitors in joint residency at Luther were part of the series. Poet Robert Cording, Barrett Chair of Creative Writing at College of the Holy Cross, spoke on his own poem on March 2, and we used painter and essayist Makoto Fujimura's works on several of the Lenten chapel days.

This program is part of the Luther Poetry Project, designed by English Professor Carol Gilbertson, the 2002-04 Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities, which is designed to raise campus awareness of poetry's power and relevance. The project brings poetry into campus life in "Poems 4 Friday" readings, regular poetry readings by local faculty, staff, and students; residencies by guest poets; a regular Chips poetry column; and chapel programs such as this Lent series.


Daily Lenten Litany
(from Wendell Berry's A Timbered Choir, 1998)

Lector: What hard travail God does in death!
He strives in sleep, in our despair,

Congregation: And all flesh shudders underneath
The nightmare of His sepulcher.

Lector: The earth shakes, grinding its deep stone;
All night the cold wind heaves and pries;

Congregation: Creation strains sinew and bone
Against the dark door where He lies.

Lector: The stem bend, pent in seed, grows straight
And stands.

Congregation: Pain breaks in song.

Lector: Surprising
The merely dead, graves fill with light
Like opened eyes.

Congregation: He rests in rising.

Coming to Terms . . .

February 26, Thursday: ". . . with Lent"--Carol Gilbertson
Prelude: Suite in D Minor, BWV 1008--Johann Sebastian Bach
Poem: T. S. Eliot, "Ash Wednesday" (1930)
Texts: Psalm 51; Ezekiel 37; 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:10
Hymns: WOV 739 - "In All our Grief" Fredericktown
"Now Beneath the Cross We Bend" (handout) by Carol Gilbertson and Yvonne Kuhlman

Presider: Gary Krapfl
Organist: William Kuhlman
Viola: Spencer Martin


Ted Kliman, "Study for Lamentation I" (Drawing, 1992; College Fine Arts Collection);







Makoto Fujimura, "Still Point-Evening" (Mineral pigments, gold and tarnished silver on Kumohada paper, 2003





March 2, Tuesday: ". . . with the Lamb"--Tim Peter and Collegiate Choir
Prelude: Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, BWV #106, Last Movement--J. S. Bach
Poem: William Blake, "The Lamb" (1789)
Text: John 1:26-30
Music: "Agnus Dei"--Frank Martin
"Lux Aeterna"--Brian Schmidt
Closing Hymn: "At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing," stanzas 1-4 (handout) Sonne Der Gerechtigkeit

Presider: Mike Blair
Organist: William Kuhlman
Choir: Collegiate Choir, Timothy Peter, director


William Blake, "The Lamb" (watercolor engraving, 1789)











Makoto Fujimura, "Columbines in Azurite" (mineral pigments on Kumohada paper, 2003)


March 4, Thursday: ". . . with the Garden"--Robert Cording
Prelude: Adagio from Tiro Sonata V BWV 529
Poem: Robert Cording, "The Man Running Naked into the Dark" (2004)
Text: Mark 14: 43-52
Hymn: WOV 668 - "There in God's Garden" Shades Mountain
Music: Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas J. S. Bach

Presider: Gary Krapfl
Organist: William Kuhlman
Cello: Eric Kutz



Peter Lupori, "Christ in the Garden" (1951 Sculpture; College Fine Arts Collection)





Makoto Fujimura, "Golden Forest Vision" (gold, silver, mineral pigments, sumi ink on Kumohada paper, 2003)








March 9, Tuesday:". . . with Death"--Mike Blair
Prelude: Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee BWV 686--J. S. Bach
Poem: John Donne, "Death, Be Not Proud"
Text: John 16: 16-22
Hymn: "Wilt Thou Forgive that Sin, Where I Begun" (So giebst du nun; handout)

Presider: Deanna Langle
Organist: William Kuhlman


Fridtjof Schroder, "Deposition (Descent from the Cross)" (1946 painting; College Fine Arts Collection)












Makoto Fujimura, "Bi Cinnabar" (mineral pigments on Kumohada paper, 2003)


March 11, Thursday: ". . . with Judas" --David Vasquez
Prelude: Two settings of the tune "Herzlich Tut" (O Sacred Head)--Johannes Brahms
Poem: James Wright, "Saint Judas" (1959)
Text: John 13: 21-30
Hymn: WOV 733 - "Our Father, We Have Wandered" (Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen)
Music: "Coasts"--Neil Flory

Presider: Gary Krapfl
Organist: William Kuhlman
Pianist: Du Huang



Paolo Zoppo, "Judas Betraying Christ" (AMICO Library Image, c. early 15th cy.)









Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, "Christ and Judas" (AMICO Library Image, 1918)


March 23, Tuesday: ". . . with Mary Magdalene"--Alissa Reeves
Prelude: Two Schubler Chorales, J. S. Bach: IfYou But Suffer God to Guide You BWV 647; My Soul Magnifies the Lord BWV 648
Poem: Scott Cairns, "Loves: Magdalen's Epistle" (1998)
Text: John 20: 11-18
Hymn: WOV 701 - "What Feast of Love"--Greensleeves
Solo: "Pie Jesu"--Faure

Presider: Mike Blair
Organist: William Kuhlman
Soloist: Jennaya Robison



"Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene" (anon., early 15th c.; AMICO Library Image)












John Gossaert, "Mary Magdalene" (c. 1525-30)





Coreggio, "Noli Me Tangere" (oil on canvas, c. 1525) ")












March 25, Thursday: ". . . with Light"--Jeff Wilkerson
Prelude: Prelude on Iam sol recedit Igneus (the receding sun; based on the tune O lux beata trinitas)
Bruce Simonds
Poem: Pattiann Rogers, "Into the Light" (1997)
Text: Mark 15: 33-39
Hymn: WOV 659 - "O Sun of Justice"--Jesu Dulcis Memoria
655--"As the Sun with Longer Journey"--Nagel

Presider: Gary Krapfl
Organist: William Kuhlman



Van Gogh, "Sunflowers" (1889










Makoto Fujimura, "Silver Mercy Seat" (gold, silver, mineral pigments on paper, 2003)


March 30, Tuesday: ". . . with Mary the Mother" --Mark Muggli
Prelude: Alleluias sereins d'une ame ui desire le ciel--Olivier Messiaen
Poem: Stephen McLeod, "Pietà (Michelangelo)" (2001)
Text: John 19: 25b-27
Hymn: WOV 665 - "Ubi Caritas et Amor"--Taize Ubi Caritas
Music: "At the Cry of the First Bird"--David Guion

Presider: Mike Blair
Organist: William Kuhlman
Soloist: Beth Ray
Pianist: Marjorie Wharton

Artwork: Michelangelo, "Pietà" (marble sculpture 1498-99)



Bellini, "The Madonna of the Meadow" (removed from panel, c. 1505)






Parmigianino, "Madonna of the Long Neck" (oil on wood, 1534; all AMICO Library Images)









April 1, Thursday: ". . . with Pain and Redemption"--Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre
Prelude: Partita on "Jesus Priceless Treasure" (Jesu Meine Freude)--Johann Gottfried Walther
Poem: Czeslaw Milosz, "Prayer" (2002)
Text: John 19: 1-7, 16b-18, 28-30
Hymn: LBW 117 - "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded"--Herzlich tut Mich Verlangen
Music: Aria from Cantata No. 186 (arr. for flute solo)--J. S. Bach
"The Lord will embrace the poor (or the wretched) with mercy here and there;
He sends them, out of compassion, the highest treasure, the Word."

Presider: Gary Krapfl
Organist: William Kuhlman
Flute: Laura Beeman



Matthias Grünewald , "The Crucifixion" (oil on wood, panel from the Isenheim altarpiece, 1515; AMICO Library Image)


Max Beckmann, "Descent from the Cross" (oil on canvas, 1917; AMICO Library Image)








Makoto Fujimura, "Cinnabar Gestures" (mineral pigments on Kumohada paper, 2003)


4/6 Tuesday: ". . . with Love"--Bill Craft
Prelude: My Song is Love Unknown (based on "Rhosymedre" from Three Preludes Founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes)--Ralph Vaughan Williams
Poem: George Herbert, "Love III" (1633)
Text: John 21: (9-14) 15-19
Hymn: LBW 122 - "Love Consecrates the Humblest Act" Twenty-fourth
Music: "Love Bade Me Welcome" (from 5 Mystical Songs)--Ralph Vaughan Williams

Presider: Mike Blair
Organist: William Kuhlman
Soloist: Andrew Whitfield


Leonardo Da Vinci, "Last Supper" (tempera on plaster, 1498; AMICO Library Image)











Sadao Watanabe, "The Last Supper" (print, 1981; Luther College Fine Arts Collection)


Makoto Fujimura, "Sacrificial Grace" (mineral pigment on paper, 1997)







Makoto Fujimura, "Grace Revisited" (gold, mineral pigments on Kumohada paper, 2003)

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